About Us

Priority Health Ghana (PHG)

Priority Health Ghana is a distributor of premium cosmetics, wellness, health and beauty products. The Organization, based in Accra, Ghana, has over the past twenty years been devoted to merchandising premium cosmetic brands that are significantly transforming our world of cosmetics through technology and innovation.

Our ever-expanding B2B networks and online shop effectively position the Organization to reach the vast array of clients and end-users with products that are safe and natural, tolerable to every skin tone and skin condition.


To bring premium cosmetics, wellness and beauty products to the doorsteps of our cherished clientele with a spirit of integrity.


To build a dynamic, multi–stakeholder network and supply chains for the convenience and comfort of our cherished customers.


Riche-Mike Wellington


Riche-Mike Wellington leads the dynamic management team of PHG which is accountable to a seven-member Board of Directors of the company. He is the founder and Managing Director of the company responsible for driving the vision, establishing new business partnerships as well as markets around the world. Riche-Mike has enriched PHG with his over twenty years’ experience in Cosmetics, Wellness and Beauty.

He has a deep sense of commitment which motivates the entire workforce towards achieving organizational goals. His extensive advisory competencies on issues of strategy, performance improvement, change management drives the current PHG Africa Growth Strategy (PHG-AGS).

Board Of Directors

The seven-member Board of Directors are made up of dynamic and experienced entrepreneurs, independent development consultants in education and skills domain; seasoned skin care professionals; health and environmental experts as well as management consultants.
The Board ensures balance in the Organisation by maintaining company values and defending its corporate interest. The board sets out the strategies for identifying new relationships/products/markets, monitor implementation and growth thereby positioning the Company at the apex of its competitors.

Sarah Osei

Management Consultant

Sarah is a management consultant with over 15-years’ experience in organizational development, operations, quality assurance, and program and project management in both profit and non-profit organizations in the field of education, information technology, accountancy and manufacturing. Sarah is passionate about education, she is an ardent advocate of professional conduct. She currently works with an international non-Profit Pan-African Institute promoting studies in mathematics and the allied sciences for Africa’s developmental agenda. She enjoys engaging stakeholders in realizing governmental, Institutional and individual objectives. 

In achieving her objectives, she works with governments, higher education institutions, industry, NGOs and multinational organizations.
She has worked with many multinational organizations and participated in several management trainings to build her expertise. She is the Lead Consultant for Sarai Management Consultancy Ltd. http://www.saraiconsulting.org 

Sarah holds a Master of Business Administration degree from Sikkim Manipal University and a Bachelor of Education from University of Cape Coast. She enjoys initiating projects and collaborating with like-minded professionals for implementation and sustainability. Her hobbies are traveling, mentoring and networking.

Eliane S. Foteu Madio

Environmental Scientist

Elaine is a senior environmental protection expert working with different London Authorities. She has over  20-years’ experience in matters related to Environmental Impact Assessment sustainability; Environmental permitting; Waste management and site waste management planning.

She has successfully developed and executed a variety of environmental projects across a range of industries, authorities and disciplines in the United Kingdom and beyond. Her expertise is in the area of contaminated lands impact assessment.
Elaine is a firm believer in knowledge transfer to the younger generation particularly in her field of specialisation. She has rich experience in teaching from basic to postgraduate levels of education in the sciences and related fields in Africa and abroad.

She holds a PhD in Earth Sciences from Kingston University, UK; MSc. in Environmental Science, Nottingham University, UK; and other post-graduate certificates in Africa and the UK.
She is a naturalist and a firm advocate of issues related to health and wellbeing

James Kwadwo Owusu

Telecommunication Consultant

James Kwadwo Owusu is an international telecommunications expert with over twenty years’ experience in the mobile telecommunications industry. He worked as Technical Supervisor and Senior Engineer between 2002 and 2006 with SPACEFON (Now MTN) - Ghana’s leading telecommunication network. He then moved to Afghanistan Wireless Communication company as RF Optimization Consultant and was a leading member in the team that spearheaded Afghanistan’s first GSM network. In that same capacity, he worked with Ericsson in Algeria, Nigeria and Sudan on various telecommunications projects. 

He is currently Co-founder and Chief Operating Officer at Evolved Technology Limited http://www.evolvedtechnologylimited.com  and Panacea Consulting Limited https://www.panaceaconsultin.com both leading telecommunication consultancy firms in Ghana. He is also a management member of ONAG and PANAIR companies which also specializes in power management and Oxygen Gas production respectively. 

James, a strong promoter of wellness and total wellbeing, holds a Master’s degree in Telecommunications Management from the University of South Wales.

Christiana Frema Asiedu

Clinical and Public Health Nutritionist

Christiana is a registered Nutritionist licensed with the Allied Health Professions Council of Ghana. She has over 15 years’ experience in individualized nutritional health matters as well as community/group focused nutritional well-being-related issues. She is adept in matters associated with disease management; food sensitivity; special diet; detox; weight management; research; one-on-one consultations; nutrition talks/education; administration and management; and food and nutrition services auditing.

Her passion for food and human nutrition motivates her to be a dexterous nutritionist who understands human nutritional challenges and assist them to overcome. She employs her ready to learn, serve and 'make-an-impact' attitude to work with governmental institutions, NGOs, communities from varying backgrounds, clinics, individuals (no age limits) and nutrition promotion via various media channels such as radio, television, and social media. She has also taught for 8 years in this area and has also been involved in research for 5 years, interspersed with diverse leadership positions.

Christiana holds a Master’s degree in Clinical and Public Health Nutrition from University College London, UK.